Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The business management solution of the future is here. Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365, the perfect pairing of Microsoft ERP and CRM functionality combined into a single cloud based solution that integrates seamlessly with Office 365.

Xperience IT Solutions is a specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner. We can help you start your digital transformation journey today!


Evolve your business on your terms…

Deployed in the Cloud, Dynamics 365 makes life easier with anytime, anywhere access to your business applications. Scale up or scale down- Dynamics 365 is paid for on a subscription license meaning you only pay for what you use!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Start your journey today…

Did you know switching between applications could reduce productivity by up to 40%? Boost efficiency by taking your business on a digital transformation journey with Dynamics 365. This single offering will enable you to:

Empower Employees

Dynamics 365 helps your team make the most of every minute. Sales reps spend more than 67% of their time on non-selling activities- this single offering helps both you and your employees turn big data into actionable plans.

Engage Customers

57% of customers are through the buying process before even taking to the supplier. Engage your customers with digital intelligence on your side and ensure you fill every interaction with personalised insights.

Transform Products

Dynamics 365 is the business solution product of the future. With one single offering Dynamics 365 brings a new way of connecting people, data, and processes that creates business and customer value.

Optimise Operations

With Dynamics 365 you can rethink what’s possible for your business when you add process, repeatability and automation into your delivery engine.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales


Turn relationships into revenue with Dynamics 365 for Sales. With Sales, you get access to all of the insights and tools you need to accelerate your sales process, win more business and grow long term, high value customer relationships.

Dynamics 365


Boost your marketing and unleash your ability to capture new opportunities. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing you can create and manage multi-channel and personalised marketing campaigns, nurture leads and evaluate results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer service

Customer Service

Every interaction matters when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service. Earn customers for life by providing excellent service, with access to complete customer information in a single application, available anytime and anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for financials


The future of financials is almost here. From quoting and invoicing to inventory management and predictive analytics, everything you need in a single solution – starting on day one… stay tuned.

Start Small, Grow Bigger

How do you keep up with the pace of digital change? Microsoft believe you do it with Transformational Technology.

With Dynamics 365 you can start with a single business app that fits the needs of your role and industry.

Start with just what you need to run your business now and add more building blocks as your business needs change.