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How to buy Pegasus Opera 3?

Pegasus Opera 3 is flexible by nature which means you can chose different modules to suit your business. Due to this modular structure, no two Pegasus Opera implementations are the same which means it is very difficult to provide an indicator of cost.

To receive a quotation for the Pegasus Opera 3 System please complete our online request form below, alternatively call now on 028 9267 7533.


Purchase & Payment Options

Pegasus Opera On Premise

With an on premise implementation you own your software licenses. This means you pay upfront for your Pegasus Opera 3 software licenses and you are responsible for hosting your software. Simply choose the modules you require and pay for your perpetual licences. It couldn’t be simpler.

Pegasus Opera Subscription

Pegasus Opera 3 Subscription is like an on premise license in that you are responsible for hosting it. However, you can spread the cost of your purchase, breaking the cost down into affordable monthly payments – to continue using the software at the end of the subscription you simply renew.

Pegasus Opera Cloud

With Pegasus Opera Business Cloud you benefit from a subscription payment model and the hosting of the application is taken care of for you. This option is ideal if you do not have capacity to run the software in-house or you do not have a dedicated resource to maintain it.

Want to Weigh Up Your Options?

Get in touch and we can provide you with helpful advice and pricing information to help you make a decision.