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Pegasus Opera 3 Financials & Supply Chain

Pegasus Opera 3 offers one system which manages your all your business processes. The Financials and Supply Chain Management modules are at the core of Opera, enabling easy management of everything from nominal, sales and purchase ledgers through to sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock.


Pegasus Opera Financials Components

Nominal Ledger

Access up to the minute data from sales, purchase, invoicing/Sales Order Processing, payroll and cashbook to determine and influence trends in your trading performance. The chart of accounts is extremely flexible to suit the way your business works – consolidate multiple companies in a single nominal ledger to monitor performance at company and group level.


Manage cash effectively with tight integration to Sales, Purchase, Nominal, Payroll, Invoicing and Sales Order Processing. Post receipts, payments and refunds from Cashbook to the sales and purchase ledgers. Utilise the on-screen bank reconciliation feature, which can be saved part-completed to fit with the varied demands of your working day.

Sales Ledger

The Opera Sales Ledger efficiently manages and controls all customer records and processes invoices, receipts and statements. Customer transactions can be processed in any currency, while the built in Pegasus Opera Credit Control facility will help you to improve cash flow by facilitating tighter management of customer payments.

Purchase Ledger

The Pegasus Opera Purchase Ledger is a complete management system for all your supplier transactions. Each supplier account can be setup to match an appropriate profile, including trading terms, pricing and discount levels. When it comes to making payments, you can select the methods to suited to the way you work.

Pegasus Opera Supply Chain Management

Sales Order Processing (SOP)

The SOP module automates the handling of sales orders by integrating with the sales ledger and stock control modules. Generate quotes, pro-formas, orders, deliveries, invoices and credit notes. Apply and check discount entitlements, credit limits and special pricing. Stock automatically updated as documentation is progressed from pro-formas or order to invoice.

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

Manage the purchase order cycle from order to invoice and delivery with Pegasus Opera. Back-to-back order processing ensures sufficient stock to fulfil all sales orders while matching of receipts and supplier invoices back to the purchase order provides tighter control over stock and financial management.


Pegasus Opera Stock Control enables you to operate with minimum stock levels and reduce operational costs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Set minimum stock and re-order levels, and suggested order quantities, to automate stock control ensuring your stockholding is optimised and managed effectively.


The Stock Take module facilitates easy maintenance of the stock levels. With accurate stock information at your fingertips you can take sales orders from customers confident the promised delivery date will be achieved. It is also possible to make purchasing and manufacturing decisions based on facts, reducing the need to hold excess stock and improving cash flow.

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