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Pegasus Opera 3 Document Management

Information is vital to all businesses, and how you manage it can have a significant impact on productivity. The Pegasus Document Management solution makes managing information easy. It comes complete with imaging software for document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving and retrieval.


By utilising Document Management you can access all your business documents from a central location. What’s more, Pegasus Opera 3 Document Management is integrated seamlessly across all the modules enabling you to store:

  • Customer correspondence
  • Purchase orders
  • Supplier documentation
  • Delivery notes
  • Job Costing Paperwork
  • Timesheets
  • Payroll and HR Documents

Document Management from your Desktop

The Document Management Desktop module provides document capture and retrieval tools people within your organisation without a Pegasus Opera user login. The tools are accessed from a desktop icon making it quick and easy to retrieve or capture files. For non-Pegasus Opera users, a security profile is created from the Desktop Login which determines the documents that can be accessed.

Document Management Features and Benefits

  • Save money by significantly reducing paper consumption
  • Meet legislative data storage requirements easily
  • Improve security of sensitive documents with password protection
  • Save storage space by replacing paper records with electronic records
  • Save time searching for mislaid or misfiled documents
  • Improve customer care by keeping correspondence within easy reach

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