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Pegasus Opera CRM

The customer relationship management (CRM) module enables you to generate prospects and retain customers through effective relationship management, within Pegasus Opera 3.


For Sales

The CRM tool helps you effectively manage sales opportunities and convert them into customers.

For Marketing

Pegasus Opera CRM helps to manage, track and measure your marketing activity for optimal performance.

For Customer Service

It integrates with Service Management and Supply Chain for efficient customer service.

CRM Features and Benefits

  • Single point of entry for prospects, customers and suppliers
  • All contacts and appointments are automatically updated within Outlook
  • User-definable fields and specific look-ups on company, contact and opportunities
  • Generate e-mails and mail-shots from within Pegasus Opera
  • Record and track your sales opportunities
  • Generate quotations and associate them to sales opportunities
  • Generate and view sales activity reports
  • Access Pegasus Opera CRM remotely, when away from the office

Benefits of an Integrated CRM and Accounts Package

User-driven improvements– With all departments using the same integrated system, it can promote user collaboration, increasing the value of your data and business to customer communications.

One solution, one record– There is no need to re-enter data with integrated CRM and Accounts data. It facilitates improved inter-departmental communications and provides freedom of information across your business.

Real-Time visibility– The integration capabilities mean each department can view business critical information in real-time, informing their communications with customers.

Reduce costs– With only one system to maintain, there is less expenditure on systems and maintenance, saving you money.

Increased productivity– A completely integrated system means there is no need to re-enter data, freeing up time to focus on more important business activities.

Take a Closer Look!

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