Skype for Business

Effortless Unified Communications – Skype for Business makes it easier for you to communicate than ever before, breaking down geographical barriers. Utilise a single platform for calling, conferencing, video and instant messaging.


What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications combines real-time communication tools, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, with non-real time communication tools, such as voicemail and fax. It brings together your internal contact systems, into one singular channel of conversation with a single user interface. Unified Communications tools such as Skype for business allows users to send a receive messages through various mediums, which may not be the natural channel. For example, voicemails left on landline phones are made available and accessed via email or mobile devices.

So, if your business has multiple departments, or multiple channels of communication, you could benefit!

Be Productive

Get in touch with your colleagues when you need them, freely pass information and work to each other, without the need for PC.

Be Responsive

With more effective communications and availability of information you can improve response times internally and externally.

Be Secure

By using internal servers to manage your unified communications you maintain security and control over sensitive information.

Be Mobile

Be more effective when out of the office, with access to communication tools anytime, anywhere you can work from any location.

Be Economical

With communications conducted via the internet, there is no additional cost required for international voice calls and conferencing.

Be Open

Share information easily and freely between departments and locations, and get access to  resources when you need them.

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