IT Networking

Can you rely on your IT Network? In a business world reliant on technology it is essential to have an IT infrastructure that can support your business now and in the future. If your IT fails, your business fails.

Get it right from the ground up… When constructing a house it is essential to have a stable foundation, your IT network is no different. If your foundations are weak everything on top will be unstable.


Network Solutions

As your IT systems evolve over time it is easy for them to become unwieldy without proper planning:

  • Have your IT systems evolved without a proper strategy?
  • Is your IT setup illogical and confusing?
  • Do you struggle to rectify problems when things go wrong?
  • Is your business being held back by your IT?

We can help! At Xperience, we design, implement and support computer networks and switching. What’s more, we are happy to conduct a thorough review of your existing IT environment and make recommendations and suggestions for productivity gains.

Reasons to Choose Xperience

We are Xperienced

We’ve been in IT since 1969. By choosing us you will gain the benefits of our wisdom – we are always on hand to offer help and advice.

We are Accredited

As well as having a wealth of experience in the industry, we also have accreditations and certificates to back up our claims – from Cisco and Microsoft.

You Get a Full Service

From network design and implementation, through to support – we are with you every step of the way to help you achieve your business goals.

Need an IT Health Check?

We provide a FREE IT Audit to businesses in Northern Ireland – we will review your IT setup and make recommendations for performance improvements.