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Dynamics NAV for Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides your organisation access to accurate, up-to-date customer information and the tools to efficiently manage contacts, opportunities, and campaigns—while building customer relationships that help drive sales and encourage loyalty.

Dynamics NAV for Sales and Marketing is, effectively, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which can be accessed by everyone within your organisation, providing real-time, relevant information required to make informed decisions. With Dynamics CRM, employees can respond quickly to customer requests and use information from across your business to make decisions about costs, inventories, workloads, and financial returns.


Sales and Marketing Benefits

Access Accurate Information– Access sales and marketing information from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Within moments you have the answers to such questions as, “When did I last contact Company A?” or “When did Contact B last order?”

Dashboards– Role based Dashboards can be created within Dynamics NAV to help view and manage sales team performance information and campaign effectiveness within a single screen.

Manage Sales Activities– Help your sales staff keep track of, and structure sales cycles. Access exact sales information on each contact at the touch of a button. With Dynamics NAV you gain a clear picture of what is in the sales pipeline and plan accordingly.

Identify Key Accounts- When you have real-time, accurate information on all your contacts, you can make better decisions. You know which accounts need your immediate attention. You can even classify customers based on the interrelation or more criteria –specified by you. Your contact and financial information is always accurate, and you can make strategic decisions promptly.

Real-time Access for remote Staff– Using a Web browser sales staff can access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including live customer and stock information, enabling them to review and process orders when away from the office.

Manage Marketing campaigns– Organise and measure your marketing campaigns from within Dynamics NAV from data segmentation to mail merge activity.

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