Thin Client

Simplify your IT infrastructure with the Xperience Thin Client

Perfect for businesses who want to simplify their IT infrastructure and reduce costs, our Thin Client helps lower IT expenditure and introduce significant efficiencies. Because the device is devoid of a hard drive the cost is significantly lower than a traditional PC, operating by connecting to remote desktop environments.

Based on the latest technologies, our Thin Client range integrates with any virtualized or web-based infrastructure allowing users to stay productive and access data, files and applications from remote locations through a centralised server.

Say good bye to the PC…

The Thin Client is a cost-effective solution designed to support remote working environments, improve security and significantly reduce IT operational costs.

With no moving parts, Thin Clients have a much longer lifespan than standard computers and use significantly less power, allowing you to benefit from lower utility bills. With industry leading security system and unique self-repairing capabilities, the device is able to protect your business from the latest threats in industry leading timeframes.

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Low Maintenance

Manage and support all your devices remotely through a web based management dashboard.


Should a device detect failure, a replacement device will be dispatched automatically.

Easy Deployment

Deployed in less than 15 minutes, Thin Clients integrate with your existing IT environment.


Security updates can be pushed to a device in minutes, protecting you from new security threats.

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