Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Know your enemy…

The likelihood of a natural disaster for most businesses, depending on location, is low – in fact, only 35% of outages are caused by natural disasters. But digital threats are growing and, according to Symantec Global Security Threat Report, the biggest potential threat to your business is malware.

Despite knowing the risks disaster recovery is overlooked by many businesses– here are some statistics;

  • Only 35% of small businesses have disaster recovery plans – Gartner
  • ¾ believe their disaster recovery plans are inadequate – Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council

Sleep easier with DRaaS

When you need it the most, our Xperience counts…

DRaaS is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses that do not have the necessary resource, or know how, in-house to deliver a robust disaster recovery plan.

We can help you to design your disaster recovery plan and provide you with a cloud computing environment for failover. With a strategy in place and your data stored in our high security, high availability data centres, you can sleep better at night.

UK Data

Our data centres are located in the UK which means your business data is subject to UK law.

Get ‘Backup’ and Running

Should disaster strike, we will get you back up and running, with minimal downtime.

Replicate Your Backup

We can replicate your cloud backup in a second data centre and/or locally, on-premise.

Proactive Monitoring

All our backups are proactively monitored so we can alert you to faulty media, immediately.

Could you recover from a disaster?

If you’re unsure if your IT Infrastructure could recover from a disaster, request our FREE IT Audit.