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Cloud Questions

Your Burning Cloud Questions, Answered

Cloud adoption rates are growing at a rapid pace, but many businesses are still unsure what the Cloud is. Those familiar with the benefits often deliberate “is the cloud right for us?” We caught up with Richard Kennedy, Director of …Read More

Cybersecurity legal

Cybersecurity: Considerations for Law Firms

Cybersecurity in law firms According to Legal Week, cyberattacks on UK law firms climbed by nearly 20% between 2014 and 2016. The prevalence of cyberattacks is growing and there’s no doubt law firms are hackers prime targets. Our last blog …Read More

Legal Industry Trends

Legal Industry Trends 2017

Digital is fast becoming a focus for legal firms. Although traditional in their make-up, we expect to see a shift from conventional to digital this year. Are you a legal firm at a loss on where to begin your digital …Read More

Data Security Trends

Data Security Trends: What to watch in 2017?

2016 was a crazy year for changing Data Security Trends and in particular, cyber security. To help you align your businesses IT strategy, we’re sharing our predictions on the data security trends we expect to see in 2017. An Eventful 2016… 2016 …Read More